Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello from Albany

I hope you all think this is as great of an idea as I do. I am in Albany today for business, then I will go to VA to visit Kristin and Chris. Then home for the week end and back to Albany next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That will most likely be my schedule for the next 3 weeks.
I can't wait to watch this to see what everyone is up to.
We will get Mom set up also so she knows what is going on in the family.
Love you all

Hello Mianos!

Welcome to your new family blog! Hopefully we can all use this to keep in touch better!We have a blog like this for our immediate family (Bill, Jill, Kristin, Will, and myself) and it works great when we are all away at school during the year.

Feel free to share your family plans, stories, and pictures on this blog. I tried to sign up as many Miano email addresses as I could, but if anyone needs help let me know!

You need to be able to sign in, with either a google account or I think you can use another email address. Once you sign in you will be taken to your 'dashboard' and it is pretty easy from there. Just click on New Post and type away! Or if you want to add a picture, there is a little photo icon on the posting page (you can do video too, but that is for another day...).

Let me know if you have any questions!